Wool Grass - 10 For $19.99

  • Wool Grass - 10  For $19.99
  • Wool Grass is  versatile and can withstand dry spells and standing water
  • Wool Grass a creeping type of plant that creates a mat-like surface on the ground.
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Wool grass is a rushlike plant that grows in wet places


A native of the Mediterranean, Wool Grass is a gorgeous and easy-to-grow perennial that provides a soft textural element in your garden. It has to be planted in full sun for best performance, but it will happily tolerate partial shade. This product can survive light frost and deer browsing, but it's best left alone until the fall. This plant is a must-have in any garden! This grass is an evergreen, tough and resilient plant that has been used for centuries, primarily in the dryland farming regions of North America and Europe.

In just a few years, this plant has become the preferred perennial grass of many gardeners. This item grows easily in moist to wet soils, mucky, peats, and shallower soil or lands with standing water, but can also tolerate dry conditions as well. It's a 15-22 inch tall, clump-forming, perennial grass that bounces back from drought and won't turn brown or yellow in hot, dry conditions.

Wool grass is a low maintenance grass


This unique plant is a natural remedy for landscape and garden care. It helps to restore, buffer and decrease soil erosion by keeping the ground covered. Wool Grass has emerged as a fashionable and functional plant.

When planted in larger areas, this plant can also help to purify the air of lead, mercury, and other harmful pollutants. The foliage is also a popular food source for livestock and birds, who eat the tender shoots and use the leaves as bedding. They have fibrous, short and rhizomatous root systems that helps in forming large colonies.

This is a species of grass but with a unique shape. It's cotton-like in the texture, and it's perfect for use in landscape projects that want an organic accent.

The Wool Grass is a beautiful addition to any garden, and is perfect for filling any area with a lush green fountain of color.

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