Tulip Poplar Seedlings

  • Tulip Poplar Seedlings can grow up to 6 feet a year.
  • Tulip Poplar Seedlings is hardy in zones 4-9.
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25 units
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Bloom Color
Bloom Season
November Through April
Height At Maturity
Over 20 Feet
Planting Zones 4-9
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Shipping Information

We dig fresh our plants and ship immediately. We ship US Mail, Priority shipping. You will receive a tracking number once your plants ship. All plants will be fine in their packages for up to 3 days after receiving.

How We Protect Your Plants For Transit

We sell only bare root plants. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. This is superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days.

Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Open your plants and inspect the same day received. We offer 3 days to report any problems with your order. Bare root plants need to be planted within 2-3 days of receiving unless weather-related problems prohibit planting. Store in a cool place and keep roots moist and covered with plastic until they can be planted. Water for the first week daily after planting.

Shipping Dates
Ships November through April


Tulip Poplar Seedlings are the perfect choice for gardening

Beloved for their shade and beauty, these beautiful trees will reach up to 90 feet tall. They're also an excellent choice for areas that experience a hot summer and wet winter.

These beautiful trees have been used for centuries to beautify and enrich the human-habited landscape. It is tolerant of shade and has a majestic silhouette that you'll love.
Time to get your garden on track! These beautiful and healthy seedlings will grow into majestic trees in no time. Each seedling comes with a detailed planting guide for optimal results.

A long-lived tree with dark, lovely fall foliage and a showy display of flowers in spring that has spread to nearly 40 countries, tulip poplar is an easy-to-grow street tree. Plant it in your garden and enjoy the beautiful flowers!

Put one of these natural, colorful bundles of joy in your backyard and watch them grow into a tree that can reach up to 100 feet tall!
Don't wait until spring to plant your tree--you can start now! These tulip-shaped seedlings are the young versions of the beloved tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera), and they are a stunning addition to any garden. Add a splash of color each spring with the tulip-shaped flowers and vivid yellow leaves.

These trees are a beautiful, native tree that provides a wide range of benefits. They are hardy, drought-resistant, and tolerate different soil conditions, including clay.
It has a dense canopy that provides shade from the sun, and its leaves are also used for many other purposes than ornamentation. Because of this, this tree does well in many soil types and climates.

The unique colorful circle in the center of the flower is sure to catch your eye and make you smile. These fascinating plants are a delight for any garden, large or small. Tulip Poplar Seedlings will add curb appeal to your yard or garden.


Tulip Poplar Seedlings: Everything You Need to Know 


  If you're looking for an exciting and unique tree to plant in your yard, you should consider tulip poplar seedlings. Tulip poplars are native to North America, and they increase to become towering trees. They feature beautiful leaves that turn yellow in the fall, and their flowers are bright orange-red. 

 Tulip poplar seedlings are a great choice if you're looking for a fast-growing tree. These trees can grow up to two feet per year, reaching up to 100 feet. They are an excellent option for homeowners who want to quickly shade their home or property. Tulip poplars also have a wide range of uses. You can use them for lumber, papermaking, and even biofuel production.

 One of the best things about tulip poplar seedlings is that they are relatively easy to care for. They require full sunlight and well-drained soil. They also need to be watered regularly until they become established. After that, you only need to water them during times of drought. Tulip poplars are also resistant to many diseases and pests.

 how to prepare the soil

 When you're ready to plant your tulip poplar seedlings, you need to make sure the soil is loose and well-drained. That will help the roots of the trees to establish themselves quickly. It would help if you also mixed in some fertilizer to boost the trees.


 When you're ready to plant, dig a hole that is twice as wide as the root ball of your tree. Place the tree in the hole and backfill it with soil. Firm the soil around the base of the tree with your hands. Water the tree deeply to settle the roots into place.


Caring for Your Tulip Poplar Seedlings

 To ensure your tulip poplar seedlings grow into healthy trees, you need to provide them with the proper care. Here are a few tips:

 - Make sure the trees get plenty of sunlight. They should be placed in a location where they will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

 - Water the trees regularly, especially during times of drought.

 - Fertilize the trees once or twice a year with a balanced fertilizer.

 - Protect the trees from pests and diseases by using pesticides and fungicides as needed.

 Tulip poplar seedlings are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to quickly shade their home or property. These trees can grow up to two feet per year and reach up to 100 feet. They are also resistant to many diseases and pests, making them easy to care for. If you're interested in planting tulip poplar seedlings, be sure to follow the tips in this article to ensure they grow into healthy trees.

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