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  • Tufted Hairgrass is a vigorous plant with a dense root structure that will also anchor the rest of your landscape
  • Tufted Hairgrass found all over the eastern seaboard because of its ability to grow just about everywhere.
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Year Round
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Under 3 Feet
Native Grasses
Planting Zones 4-9
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Tufted hairgrass is a hardy and adaptable plant that thrives in various habitats


 It is a perennial grass that forms dense stands, often forming natural meadows.
It is the perfect plant for a new landscape. It is low-maintenance, low-water and insect-resistant, easy to care for, and makes an excellent ground cover under trees and shrubs. This perennial plant can tolerate dry areas, including deserts.
It is a species of grass with a unique, irregularly-shaped rosette of narrow leaves with a tuft at the top. It is commonly known as the tufted hairgrass because of its distinctive shape and tufted appearance. The flowers are dioecious, meaning that they have either male or female reproductive organs but are indistinguishable without microscopic examination.
It is a densely tufted bunchgrass that grows up to a height of 1 to 4 feet and 1 to 2 feet spread on maturity. Similar species include sedges, redtop, willows, and timothy. The flowers are less than 3/8" wide with broad leaves and have pink or brownish-pink flowers. This grass produces a rich seedhead that lasts for several years.

Tufted hairgrass is an essential plant in the wild, it helps maintain a diverse ecosystem in often disturbed habitats

It propagates quickly, has few pests or diseases, and will provide a suitable habitat for invertebrates. This plant is a fast-growing and hardy grass that can survive in wet and flooded areas. It is said to tolerate alkaline soil, as well as soil saturation, for a significant period. This hardy plant will also tolerate salt.

While tufted hairgrass is best known as a natural lawn replacement, it is also helpful in many other ways. Whether you're looking to plant a tiny meadow on your patio or want to add extra greenery to your roof, it can grow in almost any type of soil and thrive.

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