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Top 3 Vines for Texas 

Vines are an essential part of the landscape in Texas because their growth habits allow them to provide quick coverage. While frequently vines aren't seen for months after planting if cared for, they can become sturdy and valuable assets to any yard or garden. These three kinds of vines grow well in Texas and do not require much care once established. They can provide excellent shade and cover for fences, buildings, decks, and more.


Partridgeberry Plant


 Partridgeberry is a deciduous vine and can grow to 20 feet in length. It has small, green leaves and bears blackberries. Partridgeberries are native to North America and prefer shade or partial sun, making them great for planting under the canopy of large trees. Their growth rate is quick, but they require organic material such as leaf mulch to grow well. Partridgeberry can become invasive if not controlled or contained and should be planted in a large container or small pond.

A selection of low maintenance vines for Texas

Bird's Foot Violet


 Bird's foot violet is a pretty, purple wildflower with heart-shaped foliage and can be planted in full or partial shade. It is native to North America and grows best in zones 4-9. The plant prefers slightly acidic soil, making it perfect for planting in the ground under the canopy of live oaks or elms. Bird's foot vines multiply and can spread to a width of 12 inches, making it an excellent choice for covering ground or climbing on a trellis.


Largeleaf Phlox


 Largeleaf phlox is an evergreen vine that can be grown in full to partial sun. Native to the southern US, it thrives in hot climates and prefers sandy soil. It has pink or white flowers that bloom in springtime and will climb up any support with its tendrils. Once established, this plant requires little care beyond pruning dead flowers and occasionally cutting back overgrown stems. Largeleaf phlox can grow up to 15 feet, but it blooms best when pruned shorter.

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