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Perennials Perfect For Texas 

Most gardeners prefer perennial plants that last up to two years or more. And although perennials tend to cost a bit more, they can last from three to 10 years or more, and even short-lived perennials can be propagated by division, so what's not to love.


 But if you live in Texas, what are the perennials to choose from. So first, we look at the hardiness growing regions, and we discover that the vast majority of the state is in zone 6, 7, or 8, with only the southernmost regions of Corpus Christi and McAllen being in zones 9a and 9b.


 So pretty much 90 percent or more of the perennials that sells will work for you. In Texas, where the winter weather rarely dips down too much, the concern is not with the coolness of the winter temperatures, but the hotness in the summer for those living in zones 8, which includes Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, and the ultra-hot zones of Corpus Christi and McAllen. 


 Consequently, choose your perennials with this in mind, and you will be good to go


 Some of the most popular perennials we sell for Texas are:


  • Pink Trillium 
  • Solomon's Seal 
  • Partridge Pea 
  • Aster Plant 
  • Violet 
  • Jewel Weed 
  • Stella De Ora Day Lilly 
  • Blue Vervain 
  • Indian Pink Plant



 There are many more to choose from, but all of the above perennials are appropriate for zones 4-9, so they will bloom if you live in Texas.


 So how do you protect your perennials in the heat?


 Experts recommend deep watering in Texas so that the plant's roots tend to dig down deep into the soil. 


 Instead of water for 5 minutes every day, consider watering for around 25 minutes twice a week to deep water the soil. 


 Also, be sure and water when the sun is not shiny brightly. Early evening or early morning is ideal for protecting your plants in the heat.

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