Native Wild Plants For Texas

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Native Wild Plants for Texas: A Guide to the Best Local Flora 


What are native plants?

 They are plants that grow naturally in an area without being introduced there by people.

 Texas has abundant beautiful and valuable native plants, which have evolved to thrive in our state's climate and soil.

 There are many reasons to incorporate Texas natives into your landscape design: they are adapted to our native soil and climate, attract wildlife, provide food and shelter for beneficial insects, and many require little to no maintenance.

 With their diverse colors, shapes, textures, sizes, and growing conditions, there are Texas natives that you can use in virtually any landscape design. For example:


Flame leaf sumac

 Flame sumac is a shrub that produces red berries from late summer. The plant grows in dry to moist soils. It has dense branches that form a spreading crown. Its red leaves turn yellow before falling off.

 The foliage of this plant has a fine texture, and it is excellent for landscaping. 


Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

 The weeping willow is a tree that grows in moist soils. It has long, slender branches that hang down and weep. The leaves are narrow and lance-shaped with a pointed tip. They are green on top and silvery-white underneath. 

 This tree is mainly used in landscape designs and to provide shade. The bark of the weeping willow is smooth and gray. It peels in thin strips.


Native wild plants are also an excellent choice for gardeners who want a low-maintenance and drought tolerant gardens



Golden Ragwort (Senecio aureus)

 Golden ragwort is a perennial herb that grows in dry to moist soils. It has bright yellow flowers that bloom from early spring to late summer. This plant is mainly used in wildflower gardens because of its showy flowers. The leaves are green and lance-shaped with a pointed tip. The margins are toothed.


Texas sedge (Carex texensis)

 Texas sedge is a perennial grass that grows in moist soils. It has thin, green leaves and produces small, brown flowers from late spring to early summer. This plant is often used in prairie restoration projects because it is native to Texas and resembles the grasses that once grew there. The leaves are linear in shape and have a pointed tip. They are smooth and shiny.

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