Wetland Plants For Tennessee

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Wetland Plants Perfect For Tennessee 

Wetland Plants for Tennessee


 Wetland plants are plants grown either in water or around the water's edge, such as riverbanks, ponds, swamps, and marshy areas. These plants thrive in moist soil as they tolerate water since their roots sit in water. Wetland plants absorb toxins released by stagnant water, purifying it and increasing the amount of oxygen it contains. The plants also cover up the bare ground reducing and preventing soil erosion and flooding. Therefore, they will save the cost you could have incurred on draining stagnant water from your property. Wetland plants also provide a breeding ground for beneficial insects such as bugs and wildlife such as birds and amphibians, which reduces harmful insects that breed in stagnant water, such as mosquitoes.


 Wetland plants provide beauty and conserve the environment. Many beautiful varieties of wetland plants, from trees to shrubs to grasses, also provide beautiful flowers. They require minimal upkeep as wetlands soil is endowed with nutrients to promote the growth of lush and colorful plants for a colorful landscape. We have over 275 wetland plants that can grow in Tennessee. They include; coontail plant, dandelion, wild oats, river oats, butterfly plants, shooting star, yarrow plant, coneflower plant, orange day lily, and sawgrass plants. 


Wetland Trees


 We have over 130 tree species that thrive in wetlands. We will provide you with various trees that provide fruits, flowers, and even shade. We have the following wetland trees; flower trees, the sugar maple tree that produces red and orange foliage marking the beginning of autumn, silky willow tree, white dogwood that provides a shade, fruiting apricot trees, and fruiting peach tree, among others.


 Wetland shrubs provide a full range of benefits


Wetland Shrubs 


They provide beautiful flowers for a colorful appeal and produce berries. Shrubs also provide privacy when planted in your lawn to provide a dint of privacy and a shade where you can bask. We have over 99 kinds of shrubs that provide berries and natural beauty in the environment, such as flowering shrubs, blackberry shrubs, red hibiscus, Japanese snowball, and pink hibiscus, among others.


Wetland Ferns


 Wetland ferns can tolerate flooding and are of low maintenance. They thrive in wetlands due to the moisture present in the soil and shade. We have the following ferns that will thrive in Tennessee's wetlands; lady fern, walking fern, Christmas fern, among others. 


Wetland Moss


 Moss thrives in areas concentrated with moisture, making them a suitable wetland plant. They thrive near water, thereby purifying the oxygen levels in the stagnant water. Moss stays lush and green all year round and requires minimal care. They are easy to plant and grow as soon as they are planted. The following moss is suitable for Tennessee; mood moss, reindeer moss, topiary moss, and fern moss.

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