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 The staple plants in bed and flower gardens are considered to be perennials. The plants are considerably pleasing in terms of aesthetics and provide beautiful flowers. Busy people in need of professional-looking landscaping can find ease working with perennials. Here are some examples of Tennessee perennial plants.


Pink Trillium



 Perennials can be grown with ease and also has easy caring processes


 It requires full sun and partial shade, a position in moist soil, and well-drained soil. The plant is beautiful and capable of adding a touch to your compound. The use of the flowers can be vital in areas where there is a need for some uniqueness and color. Caring for pink trillium is very easy. Some critical basic needs to facilitate the care include garden fertilizer, mulch, and gloves.


Solomon's Seal


 Solomon's seal is related to the Asparagus plant and is critical for food and medicinal purposes. During growth, the plant's stem develops into an arching pattern. On the other hand, the flowers are white and small. The fruits are small and black. The plant grows in the spring season and has a short life cycle. It is an essential perennial plant to have around your compound as it serves numerous purposes. Solomon's seal can be used to make tea and also in the preparation of wine. Its leaves can be eaten raw, boiled, and also in the form of salads. It is tolerant to cold weather and naturally grows along with the forest floors.


Partridge Pea Plant


  In any garden, the Patridgepea plant is good in the addition of a bright sunny appearance. The plant is straightforward to grow and requires low maintenance. It is a unique plant and very attractive. It may grow to a height of about two feet, and during the spring season, it bears tiny and yellow flowers. The leaves are also unique such that when touched, they fold up. It requires total sun exposure and can be grown in any soil type. The critical aspect of the growth medium is that it should have good drainage properties. Patridge pea plants are fast-growing and can take long periods without water.

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