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 Many people are looking for a way to add more greenery to their yards and homes. If you're one of them, you might want to consider planting some grasses for Tennessee. Many different types of grass can be grown in Tennessee, so there should be something for everyone. Some grasses are more drought-resistant than others, while some need shade or moist soil. Some also prefer dry soil and total sun exposure. It's important to know what type of species will thrive well in your area before planting anything, so make sure you research which species is suitable for your yard or home.


 A lot of different types of grasses can be grown in Tennessee


 1. Texas Sedge


 Texas Sedge is a drought-tolerant, drought-resistant grass species. It is an evergreen perennial grass that is slow-growing, but it can grow up to 3 feet tall. Texas Sedge has long, narrow leaves and grows in clumps. You can propagate these clumps by using root cuttings or seeds. Texas Sedge has a beautiful blue-purple blooming color in the spring, but it will not spread through seed production. Texas Sedge produces flowers only once every year and then will die out after the bloom season. It needs sunlight to thrive and moist and well-drained soil for the best results in Tennessee. Texas Sedge does not grow well in the shade, so make sure you plant it with total sun exposure in Tennessee.


 2. Panic Grass 


 Panic grass is ornamental grass native to the eastern and southern United States. This species can grow up to two feet and has a medium green color. Panic grass prefers full sun and moist soil to do well in many parts of Tennessee. You can also add panic grass to your lawn or landscape by installing it around trees or shrubs that need additional shade. It will also look great as an edging for walkways and patios.


 Some prefer full sun and dry soil, while others need moist soil and shade. Make sure you know what kind of grasses you would like to grow before planting anything so that your plants will flourish well.

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