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Ferns For Tennessee can grow in a wide variety of environments

 Ferns date back about 350 million years; They grow in a wide variety of environments. You can find them on woodland floors, rock crevices, and swamps. Ferns that grow well on woodland floors are often the best to grow in your home garden. They like shady areas where other plants may not do as well.

 The Ostrich Fern or Matteuccia struthiopteris is one plant that does well in Tennessee. The fronds resemble ostrich plumes and hence the name. This beautiful fern grows about three-foot-long leaves, which come to a point at the tip. The Ostrich fern thrives in moist soil and works best as ground cover.


The most popular fern is the Lady Fern, which has large leaves with a graceful arch and fronds that are soft to the touch


Another fern to grow is the Lady Fern or Athyrium filix-Femina. The Lady Fern can reach up to five feet tall in optimal conditions. This fern loves humidity and moisture-rich loamy soil; It is a pale green color with golden speckles on the undersides of its leaves. It makes a lovely backdrop for other brightly colored plants.

 The Christmas Fern or Polystichum acrostichoides is another attractive choice. Its fronds are dark green and are leathery. Since they are a type of evergreen, they keep their color year-round. They grow between one and two feet tall.

 Adiantum, or Maidenhair Fern, prefers moist, loose soil and humidity. This fern grows well indoors and out. They are paper-thin and emerald in color; Their black stems provide a stark contrast to their fronds. Maidenhairs grow between one and three feet with a one to two-foot spread. 

 The Bracken Fern and the Hay Scented Fern are two more that do well in Tennessee. Find your shady areas and choose which type, or types, of cover you want. Ferns are hardy and low maintenance. They will beautify your garden for years to come.

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