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Best Shrubs for PA: Pee Gee Hydrangea, Pink Spiraea, Burning Bush


 Many shrubs can thrive in PA. Among these, we will discuss three beautiful shrubs that are perfect for Pennsylvania gardens:

 The Pee Gee Hydrangea produces lovely white flowers in the summer; The Pink Spiraea features delicate pink blooms in the springtime. The Burning Bush turns a beautiful red in the fall. 


Pee Gee Hydrangea

 The Pee Gee Hydrangea is a shrub that can grow up to 15 feet tall. It has large, white flowers that bloom in the summertime. This shrub is fit for gardens in Pennsylvania, as it thrives in the state's climate. Pruning these shrubs will give them a better shape. Be sure to plant it in moist, well-drained soil. It's also essential to provide the shrub with plenty of sunlight. Pee Gee Hydrangeas are available for purchase at many nurseries in Pennsylvania.


These plants are perfect for Pennsylvania gardens and will provide years of enjoyment


Pink Spiraea


 The Pink Spiraea is a shrub that grows to about four feet tall. It has delicate pink flowers that bloom in the springtime. Pink spiraea does best in full sun or partial shade, and it prefers moist soil but can also tolerate drier conditions. The bare roots should be planted about an inch deep and spaced about six inches apart. Once pink spiraea is a few inches tall, you can thin them out to be about twelve inches apart. Be sure to water the plants regularly, especially during times of drought.


Burning Bush


 The Burning Bush is a shrub that can grow up to six feet tall. It has small, green leaves that turn a beautiful red in the fall. This shrub prefers full sun but can also tolerate partial shade. It is a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for busy gardeners. The Burning Bush is also drought-tolerant, so you won't have to water it as often as other plants. When planting, be sure to space the shrubs about four feet apart.

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