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Perennials Perfect for Pennsylvania 

 Perennials are extremely popular simply because they are easy and beautiful. They are the impeccable key to landscaping for people who don't have time to redesign and replant their gardens each year, and this is because perennials reappear year after year. Tn Nursery has many beautiful offerings in this category.


 In Pennsylvania, we suggest twenty-six different flowers and plants give you success. The Mayapple plant and the Baneberry-Dolls Eye plant are in the plant category. The Mayapple plant does have white flowers; however, they are short-lived in the spring and generally hidden by the plant's large leaves. These leaves take on a big umbrella-like shape that creates a plush visual; They survive in the sun or partial to full shade. Baneberry-Dolls Eye plant presents a thick bunch of leaves with red or white berries. They need lots of moisture and will do well in sun, shade, or partial shade. The berries are toxic to humans.

 A customary perennial often found in Pennsylvania is daylilies 


 The varieties include Orange Daylily, Stella De Ora, and Red Daylily. These are very hearty flowers that will generously adorn your yard or garden every year; The blooming period determines the two types of daylilies, short-day or long-day. Stella De Ora has beautiful yellow flowers with long leaves. They grow in clusters and are about a foot tall. Stella De Ora daylilies can fill an area quickly and beautifully year after year. They need about six hours of sunlight a day in well-drained soil. The red variety offers a gorgeous star-shaped bloom that is resilient and does not need a lot of water. They will give you their fantastic display in six to eight weeks after being planted.


 Other stunning perennials that grow well in Pennsylvania include the Blue Hepatica plant, violets, Virginia Bluebells, and Daisies. Shop for these wonderful perennials anytime on our website.

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