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Native Wild Plants for PA [bul rush] [partridge berry] [hay scented fern] [new york fern] [christmas fern] 

Best Native Wild Plants for PA

 The variety of plants found in Pennsylvania is immense. There is a plant for every environment just waiting to be discovered, from the hardwood forests to the hemlock and fir bogs.

  These species can also provide food and medicine for humans. This article will learn about ten native wild plants from PA that have great potential for use in your home landscaping.


 Bul rush

 Bulrushes are hardy perennials that can grow in wet areas. They prefer full sun and high moisture levels and shallow water to thrive. They can sometimes grow in Pennsylvania wetlands and along the edges of rivers and lakes.


 partridge berry

 The partridge berry is a deciduous shrub found initially in moist, shaded areas throughout PA. Partridge berry is not widely used as an ornamental due to its rarity and lack of adaptability to the environment. Partridge berries have a limited range of growing conditions and require shade. They are also not tolerant to root disturbance or drought. But, these plants can provide food for humans, and their bright red fruit attracts loads of wildlife for foraging.


 Hay scented fern

 The hay-scented fern has a very distinctive and pungent odor. It is not an ornamental plant, only found in wetland areas. It is the best choice if you are looking for plants that can survive flooding.


Native wild plants not only do they help to grow a lush, healthy lawn, but they are also great for the environment


 New York fern

 The New York Fern (Polypodium virginianum) is native to Pennsylvania. It has a light green appearance with fronds that can be up to three feet long. New York Ferns are often used as ground cover in the shade, growing well in dry, rocky areas and slopes. This plant can tolerate partial sun when given adequate moisture.


 Christmas fern

 An excellent example of a useful native plant is the Christmas fern. This fern has large, triangular fronds that grow to three feet or more lengths. The Christmas fern can be grown in USDA zones 3-8 and is drought tolerant. If you have a shady area in your yard, this species would do well and provide a beautiful display when foliage emerges from the soil in late winter.



 Many wild plants in PA can be used in your home landscaping.

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