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Mosses Perfect For Pennsylvania 


 Mosses have been in Pennsylvania for many years; They grow on rocks and trees and inland. They are found throughout the state, especially near water. Mosses make incredible decorations for a garden and will help to keep the dirt from sticking to your shoes as you walk around. Mosses are very interesting to look at, especially if you have never seen them before. They look like tiny green leaves, and when you step on them, they spring back up again over and over again.


 1. Haircap Moss


 These form a lush carpet of greenery on the rocks in streams and along the shore. It spreads very fast and can cover a large area in a short time. The haircap moss is easily recognized by its small leaves and stems. The leaves are covered with tiny hair-like projections that look like a head of hair. They are also very flat, only about 2 mm in height. This plant retains its green color throughout the year, even in winter when the temperature drops below freezing. It does not die during the winter but remains dormant, re-growing again when spring comes around again.


 2. Shade Moss


 They are very low-maintenance plants and only require a little bit of water to make them grow


You can find the shade moss in many different colors, mostly green. They grow in many places, but they tend to be more common near water. The shade moss is an excellent plant for those who have little time to care for their garden and want something that looks nice but does not take up much space. You can place these plants anywhere in the yard.


 3. Pin Cushion Moss


 They are easy to grow and can be obtained from most garden stores. The moss has a dark green color with a silvery-white area on the underside of the leaf. They are adorable and will be a great addition to any garden. Neatness is the key with these mosses. They are straightforward to grow. This moss is hardy and can be used in a terrarium or rock garden.


 You can never go wrong with moss. They will add life to any garden and can be used in almost any way. The unrivaled beauty of moss will add a natural element to your garden. 

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