Wetland Plants For Ohio

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Wetland Plants For Ohio 


 Wetlands are essential for the environment and human health. They are home to plant species that can tolerate various conditions, from freshwater to saltwater. In addition, wetlands provide essential environmental services such as drinking water and hosting fish populations. Wetlands are a great place to plant plants because they have low water requirements and are tolerant of a wide variety of soils and climate conditions.


 1. Lizard Tail 


 Lizard Tail is an excellent choice for wetland planting. It is a deciduous fern that grows in various soils and temperatures. It can grow in full sun or shade and tolerate almost any soil pH level and soil type. Lizard Tail has fleshy leaves covered with short hairs, making them known as "hair ferns." This plant is ideal for moist areas, such as wetlands and bogs; The hair-like leaves provide a nice touch to the landscape and are very ornamental. You will love them.

Wetland plants are a widely used part of landscaping


 2. Hardstem Bulrush


 Hardstem Bulrush is a prevalent plant in wetland areas; It can tolerate wet, muddy soils growing in full sun or partial shade. This plant grows about 6-12 feet tall, depending on the variety. Hardstem Bulrush provides an excellent ground cover for wetlands and other wet areas. This plant is straightforward to grow and can be used in many landscaping applications, including your borders and the hedges.


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