Seedlings For Ohio

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Seedlings For Ohio include the silver maple and silky dogwood

Are you looking for seedlings to buy for your property in Ohio? Then look no further! Here is a list of seedlings for Ohio. You can find them here.


Silver Maple Seedlings


 Silver maples are trees with green bark that are not very tall. They are considered medium to fast-growing trees. They grow to an average of 30-100 feet tall and 20-60 feet wide. They are native to North America. Silver maples can be found in moist soils along stream banks, at the bottom of ravines, and on slopes near streams. They grow best in full sun if enough moisture is present for growth. This tree is one of the most popular trees in Ohio. It gives a lot of shade, and it has a beautiful yellow color during the fall season.

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Black Oak Seedlings


 Black oaks are medium to large-sized trees that grow fast. They grow best in deep loams, but they can also be found in rocky soils with shallow topsoil. Black oaks are native to eastern North America, especially the Midwest and the north-central region of Ohio. The most common black oak is Quercus velutina (black oak), and You can find it growing in the southern states. Black oaks grow to an average height of 100 feet tall with a canopy width of 65 feet. 


Silky Dogwood Seedlings


 Silky dogwoods are small to medium-sized trees that grow 8-20 feet tall. They can be found in dry soils, and they do best in full sun. The silky dogwood is native to North America, especially Ohio and Kentucky. Silky dogwood has a height average of 15-20 feet with a canopy width of 15-20 feet. The new growth leaves are an attractive pink color and somewhat resemble ferns.


 Silky dogwood shrubs can be used for winter interest, as a screen or border, foundations and borders, and mixed groupings. In addition, they attract wildlife such as squirrels and birds because of their berries.

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