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Mosses Perfect for Ohio 


Are you concerned with the possibility of growing moss in your yard, don’t be? There are no concerns with growing moss in beautiful Ohio because, as it turns out, moss loves this soil. Ohio soil is choked full of sand and grit, making sunny or shady spots in your yard ideal for this lovely outdoor carpet. 


 Yes, moss is soft under the feet and more than easy to care for under any amount of shade. However, mosses are not all the same. Some grow flat and smooth, such as the shade moss. However, other mosses grow straight up in the air, such as the haircap moss. Yet, some moss finds themselves somewhere in the middle, such as the pincushion moss. 



 Consider the Many Benefits of Mosses

 Mosses provide an ecological-friendly lawn that has many benefits. Here are several reasons why mosses are beneficial to plant in Ohio:



 • Attracts lightning bugs or fireflies to your yard

 • Protects soil by pulling nutrients from both air and water

 • Low maintenance

 • Ecologically beneficial to wildlife due to no requirement for fertilizers or pesticides



 Light Needs

 Most mosses prefer shady places. They enjoy the partial sun, but mosses can adapt to total sun exposure. However, like reindeer moss and most other types of mosses, they are more likely to fan out when placed in shady areas in your yard.



 Watering Needs

 Mosses are conservationists. Therefore, they do not need a lot of watering to thrive. Some mosses are more likely to grow away from large puddles of water. Unless you’re planning to grow water-based moss, they usually only require light watering during the week. 


 Some Considerations

 Some mosses are more complex than others. If you plan to plant them in high-traffic areas, be sure to provide them some space by laying down stepping stones to encourage their growth between walking pavers.

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