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Native Grasses Perfect For Ohio, the nation's largest mail-order nursery, sells a wide variety of grasses, although those planting grasses need to pay significant attention to the hardiness zone you live in.


 For Ohio, most of the state lives in zone 6a, while significant swaths of Ohio also fall under zone 5a.


 Fortunately, for Ohio residents, we sell 19 different types of grass that are appropriate for those living in Ohio, as all of them are suitable for those living in both zones 5a and 6b.


 One of the best grasses to consider, especially if you have animals, is Orchard Grass


 Orchard grass is particularly suitable for those who own animals like goats, sheep, cattle, and horses. Not only do they love Orchard Grass, but this particular grass is gentle on their stomachs. 


 Planting Orchard Grass is relatively easy, and this grass is as hardy as they come.


 Another favorite that our nursery sells is Switch Grass. Switchgrass comes back year after year thrives in wet, moist soil. 


 Still another popular grass for Ohio is Barnyard grass.


 Barnyard grass does best in wet soils and full sunlight. And in the summer and autumn, barnyard grass produces beautiful flower heads that look like knots of tough human or animal hair that come in yellow, purple, green, or pink braids.

 Grasses for Ohio are For Sale online with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

 Consequently, when you purchase grasses for your location in Ohio, search first for Grasses in Ohio, and then individually review whether the particular grass you wish to grow gets enough sun or enough water, or both to meet your needs fully.


 Take your time, as the last thing you want to do is purchase grasses that will not propagate appropriately on your property.

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