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Ferns Perfect For Ohio 

Ferns are of great interest to many home gardeners because they produce a natural look that evokes the wilderness of the wild. 


 Another benefit of planting ferns is that they easily mix with other plants, so you needn't worry about your ferns competing with other plants.


 Finally, ferns are very bug and pest-resistant, vitally important to your garden.


 That being said, it's vitally essential for Ohio residents to select appropriate ferns for the Ohio region. Ohio is made up of hardiness zones in areas 5b and 6b.


 Fortunately, all seven ferns that Teenurseryco.com, the nation's largest mail-order nursery sells, meet those requirements.


 One of the most popular ferns purchased by our customers is the Bracken Fern.


 Bracken Ferns produce a lovely green coloring that turns yellow in late summer and then migrates to brown in the winter. They are very hardy fern that is easy to plant and maintain, require minimal watering, and are perfect for areas with acidic soil as long as the ferns get a little fertilizer.


 The only caution is that Bracken Ferns do not do well in water-logged areas, and they should generally have some protective shading. 


 Bracken ferns pair well with violets and wild aster.


Does Ohio have ferns


New York ferns prefer shade, but they are hardy enough to grow well with sunshine.


 The leaves of the New York fern are bright green in the spring and tend to be more yellow in the fall.


 Do note that the New York fern tends to spread rapidly, so you may need to do a bit of maintenance to keep them in check. 


 The rapid growth of the New York fern is fantastic for filling the gaps in your garden quickly.


 At https://treenurseryco.com/top-selling-states/plants-for-ohio/ferns-for-ohio/, we've conveniently listed all the best ferns for Ohioans, and we're ready to ship almost any time of year. 

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