Sweet Betsy Trillium

  • Sweet Betsy trillium plants are hardy in zones 3-9.
  • Sweet Betsy Trillium grow beneath a solitary flower that tends to bloom in the spring and can grow to about 18 inches tall.
  • Sweet Betsy Trillium is also very easy to take care of, making it great for people who are gone a lot of the time.
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Sweet Betsy Trillium is fragrant and easy to grow perennial in many different regions of the United States


 Its beautiful, delicate pink flowers make it the perfect plant for spring gardening. This plant is excellent for naturalizing and adding pops of color to your spring garden.
Growing wild in the forest and a cherished garden plant, this woodland flower blooms in late March-early April. It has a distinctive clove-like fragrance like other members of its genus and thrives in woodlands and shade gardens. The trillium has unique spongy leaves with mottled patterns of green, cream, or yellowish-green, making for an attractive and easy.
Its blooms are a deep rosy-pink color, which stands out beautifully against the deep green of the forest. This wildflower grows in moist wooded areas, so it is popular with gardeners who want to provide an extravagant display amongst the nature and wildlife of their backyard.

Sweet Betsy is a popular perennial herb of the carrot family

 The genus name Trillium comes from the Latin word for "three tongues" and references the flower's three-tongued open petal. Our high-quality trillium blooms are a beautiful example of this perennial favorite. Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful, low-maintenance, easy-to-grow perennial. It is the perfect plant to bring the beauty of nature indoors. It's a healthy, low-maintenance plant that's easy to grow, requiring little water and no fertilizer.

It is the perfect plant for shade and low maintenance. It is a perennial that grows in shady areas.
You're looking forward to summer, but the weather is turning on you. Your plants seem to be getting gobbled up by insects, and they're starting to look worse for the wear. Shady areas may not be a good spot for your plants this year! With Sweet Betsy, you get a perennial that grows in shady areas and thrives in low-drained soil. 

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