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Spring Blooming Plants include a wide variety of our native plants


 i. Pink Hibiscus


 This shrub plant blooms all year, and it is always recognizable. The pink Hibiscus is best known for its magnificent abilities to turn your garden into a cheery and bright area. Apart from the beautiful flowers, the pink hibiscus plant maintains thick and green foliage throughout the year. You can also use these shrub plants along with your driveways. It gives your space a vibrant and welcoming appearance.


 i. Black Haw Viburnum


 Black Haw Viburnum is a large shrub that blooms with new and beautiful leaves during the spring season. It produces eye-catching white flowers that have a flattened top. It has a slow growth rate but could spread up to a radius of 12 feet. They give very dense foliage, perfect for hedges and screens. If you want it to be a small tree, you can always prune it to the size of your choice.



 Perennials are the best selection in the spring with their blast of color 


 i. Blue Vervain


 The Blue Vervain is a perennial plant and grows to a height of 2-05 feet. This Perennial blooms with beautiful blue-purple flowers and especially during spring. It gives your space a nice look.

 Apart from giving your space a beautiful look throughout spring, the blue Vervain is believed to have medicinal value. It originated from northern America and was used for its numerous health benefits.


 ii. Trout Lily


 Lily is a beautiful perennial best known for its nodding yellow flowers. It only blooms with these blossoms only during the spring season. Did you know that the Trout Lily produces only one yellow flower for every plant? The Trout Lily is a phenomenal bloomer, but its foliage dies at approximately mid-summer. However, some Trout Lily bloom for quite a long time if given good care.

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