Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

  • Silky Dogwood Live Stakes   is a Shrubby Plant and is Native to North-Eastern America and found in other parts of North America.
  • Dogwood Live Stakes are beautiful, flowering additions to your garden.
  • Dogwood Live Stakes prefer moist to wet soil conditions.
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Live Stakes
Year Round
Planting Zones 5-8
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 Silky Dogwood is a decorative ornamental plant for gardens with glossy, dark green leaves about 24 inches long and 8 inches wide

 The plant has shiny, dark green leaves with light-colored veins and touches of red near the edges, which resemble the maple trees. They grow to about 24 inches long and 8 inches wide, with a similar appearance all year long.

Why Grow a Silky Dogwood?

 There are many reasons to grow Silky Dogwood. These include:

 a. It looks beautiful with its silky green leaves

 b. It's easy to care for and doesn't require much attention

 c. It can be grown in any soil

 d. It attracts birds and butterflies to the garden

 e. It is used in flower arrangements

How to Grow a Silky Dogwood

 Silky Dogwood is easy to grow, Here are the steps

 1. Dig a hole in an area of your garden that gets full sun, about 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide, with rich soil that drains well. Water the soil first to make it soft for digging so that it doesn't tear up your plant's roots when you transplant it into the hole you've dug for it.

 2. Slowly lower your plant into its new hole until its roots are covered with soil. Cover it with soil, patting it down gently. Then water the ground and plant well.

Care for Silky Dogwood:

 This beauty doesn't need much care to stay healthy. Here are some tips for caring for this plant: 

 1. Water it once a week

 2. Fertilize it once every three months

 3. Apply a weak liquid fertilizer when the leaves start to yellow

 4. Prune out any dead or damaged branches

 5. It's best to keep it in light shade or filtered sunlight, but it will tolerate full sun as well


 The Silky Dogwood is a beautiful, fragrant plant noted for its smooth, shiny leaves and a flower with a long, purple, or white stem. The plant is mainly used for ornamental purposes but can also repel pests from organically grown farms.

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