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When looking for plants either for your home or business compound, there are different criteria you can use to choose the right one. One of them is by bloom color to ensure they fit your color scheme. 


 At TN Nursery, we have a vast collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, and native plants with different bloom colors. 




Purple Larkspur


 This perennial plant is easy to take care of and produces purple flowers, sometimes blue. They also attract hummingbirds and are easy to regrow because once they sprout, their seeds fall on the ground, assuring you of a never-ending supply of the plant. 


Iris Cristata


 This rhizomatous perennial plant produces purple or pale lavender flowers with a yellow or orange crust and white patches. 




Trumpet vine plant


 Also referred to as the trumpet creeper, this is a fast-growing perennial vein that will attract hummingbirds to your property. They develop clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers over spring and summer, primarily orange but red and yellow. 


 Since it is a creeper plant, you need to constantly prune it and maintain it in the area you want it to grow.


Orange daylily plant


 Orange daylily is easy to grow and take care of. It blossoms in summer producing five-inch star-shaped orange flowers that most only last a day. Every flower usually has a different shade of orange, making your property rich with color. 




Black chokeberry


 This is an excellent plant to add to your property if you want a fruit-bearing shrub. It is tolerant of different soil textures, pH levels, soil densities, and moisture conditions. 


 In spring, it develops clusters of white flowers, and in fall, its levels turn from green to shades of orange, red, and purple. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a pop of color on your property at all times. 


Squirrel corn plant

 Tn Nursery has a wide selection of plants with different colors that will make any garden burst with color

 This moderate-growing perennial plant produces broad, white, heart-like fragrant flowers, sometimes with a shade of lavender and pink. They blossom in spring, after which they become dormant to give way to the hot summer weather. 




Redbud tree


 If you are a pink lover, this is the tree you should go for. In spring, it develops clusters of tiny magenta buds that sprout into colorful small pink flowers that last for around a month. 


 You will continue to experience a pop of color from the heart-shaped leaves of the tree that are usually reddish when they appear in spring, turn green in summer, and bright yellow in fall.

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