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  • Riverbank Wild Rye
  • Riverbank Wild Rye is commonly used in streambank restoration as it helps control erosion.
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Riverbank Wild Rye Grass is a low maintenance grass

Riverbank wild ryegrass (Elymus caninus) is wild ryegrass found in the wild and perennial grass. Its seed stalks can grow up to 3 feet in height, and its leaves can reach between 6-18 inches in length. It is wild ryegrass known for its unique, silver-gray-green color, large leaves, and red-to-purple flowers. 

 There are many benefits of growing this type of lawn. It can be used as a low or mid-height ground cover in areas where high maintenance is not required. Often, it is used to create an attractive and natural border between natural areas and gardens. But the best part about growing riverbank wild ryegrass is its adaptability for different soil types and light conditions. When you cultivate this type of lawn, ideally, you want the sun to shine on it at all times so that it can thrive. That means you'll need to take care to ensure your plant gets enough light during the day. Here are some tips for your backyard to help you grow riverbank wild ryegrass properly.

Riverbank Wild Rye Grass growing instructions


 But before you can grow this type of grass, you'll need to know how to grow it. Here are three steps to help you get started on your backyard project.

 Step 1: Prepare the Soil

 The first step in growing riverbank wild ryegrass is preparing the soil before planting. That means adding compost and peat moss to your soil, both of which have significant benefits for growing this kind of turfgrass. Once the ground has been prepared, you're ready for step two, which is planting the seeds.

 Step 2: Planting Seeds

 Once you've prepared your soil and added a bunch of nutrients to it, it's time to plant the seeds in there. The best period to plant these seeds is when they are dormant to not dry out during the process. You'll want to sow them into different stages until they reach maturity, and you don't see any signs of yellowing or brown leaves on them anymore. You will want to make sure that all your plants are at least one foot apart, if not more so that they can take in enough sunlight without being crowded by other plants around them.

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