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Tn Nursery has a selection of affordable, attractive, and easy-to-care-for privacy tree

Tn Nurseries Best Sellilng Privacy Trees

1.Weeping Willow

2. Northern Privet

3. Hornbeam

4. Cedar

5. Burning Bush


you can keep the world at bay while still keeping your lawn looking good. Choose from various styles and colors, and find one perfect for your garden. The Natchez crepe myrtle is a beautiful privacy tree that blooms all year round with different colors. You can have a decorative border for your property or your privacy fence with it. It is resistant to insects, disease, drought, heat, and salt-laden winds.

Tn Nursery has the privacy trees you need to keep your backyard private and beautiful! Take a look at these beautiful privacy trees, from the Natchez crepe myrtle to the white pine. We have a variety of privacy trees that can help you maintain your privacy.

Our affordable Natchez crepe myrtle is an extended blooming tree with red, pink, white, and purple blooms. This shrub makes a decorative border or even a privacy fence to provide you with the privacy you need.


Not only do privacy trees provide privacy for your home, but they also add beauty to your landscape


Privacy trees make a great addition to any yard, especially if you've been looking for a low-maintenance plant. Our Natchez crepe myrtle is a good choice for a privacy fence and will provide not only the privacy you're looking for but also a stunning burst of color during the spring. Tn Nursery's privacy trees offer a decorative and affordable alternative to hiding ugly fences and ugly views! Privacy is never out of sight with options such as the extended blooming Natchez crepe myrtle.

You are planting these trees in an area taller than the desired height. The trees will grow together and create a barrier for your yard. We sell many shrubs with different colors and heights to suit your needs.
Whether you need privacy or want to make your outdoor space stand out, Tn Nursery has the perfect tree for you.

Give your gardens & landscapes that natural privacy with Tn Nursery's tall privacy trees, including the beautiful Natchez crepe myrtle. These evergreen bushes are perfect for both commercial & residential use, whether you're looking for a decorative backdrop for your front yard or a sturdy barrier for your backyard. You can't beat the convenient pricing on Tn Nursery's products, so order today!

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