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Privacy Hedges - The Perfect Accent For Areas Needing Privacy

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Privacy Hedges

1. California Privets

2. Burning Bush

3. Nikko Blue Hydrangea

4. Viburnum Dentatum

5. Carolina Allspice


If you want privacy around your home or even around your pool and don't want to install a fence, a perfect alternative is to create a privacy barrier using hedges.


 Naturally, you will want to consult with to find the very best shrubs for your particular zone of weather, but we offer a wide variety of shrubs, such as:


  • Bamboo 
  • Pink Spirea 
  • Carolina Allspice 
  • Burning Bush 
  • Maple Leaf Viburnum and more.



 If you take a look at our website, at, you will find a total of 14 different shrubs we sell that make great privacy shields for your home.


Buy Privacy Hedges that are grade A quality- We never compromise quality for cost


 If you decide to use hedges to create a privacy barrier, don't plant them too close together; otherwise, they will choke each other out and eventually die.


 Another essential is that privacy hedges receive plenty of sunshine and are water, so while they may look healthy, they generally need a good soak about once per week. 


 At, we sell bare-root plants for your hedges that should generally be watered at around 2.5 gallons for each yard of the hedge.


 Privacy shrubbery comes in two primary forms: evergreen shrubs, which will remain throughout the year, and deciduous shrubs, which lose their leaves in the winter and spring. 


 The majority of people like to do both so that their privacy hedge remains vibrant throughout the year.


 Privacy hedges can get up to 10 or more feet in height, so rest assured that if you take care of your shrubs, you will be protected from pesky, snooping neighbors.


 In addition, while you obtain a sense of separation from your neighbors, you do so in a much less obtrusive way than if you put up a traditional fence, and you get the benefit of some lovely flowers as well. 

Privacy Shrubs - Premium Quality Plants are all we ship


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