Prairie Dropseed - 10 For $19.99

  • Prairie Dropseed will bloom flowers in shades of brown and pink.
  • Prairie Dropseed can be grown as a tall groundcover and with other plants for a diverse look.
  • Prairie Dropseed looks excellent when grown with alliums, goldenrods, and butterfly weed.
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Bloom Color
Bloom Season
Year Round
Height At Maturity
Under 3 Feet
Native Grasses
Planting Zones 3-9
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Prairie Dropseed is a perfect option to have in your garden that grows up to 3 feet

Plant between late April and early July. This plant may be a perennial, but it grows like a weed! It has a deep root system that thrives in hot summers and cold winters.It is a wildflower that is very familiar in North America. Its leaves are rich green, and it blooms in dense, drooping bunches of flowers. The seed heads are purplish with a black tinge.

Add a dash of pop to your lawn by planting this fluffy grass. This premier grass is easy to grow, drought-resistant and will give your yard a beautiful faux fountain-like appearance. It is a definite showstopper with stunning variegated foliage and bright green spikes. This plant is not just your average lawn grass!
It is a well-known grass for its bright green finely textured spikes. It has a fountain-like appearance that grows in dense tufts that gently curve outward to the ground as they mature. In summer, it has a glossy green color that becomes bright orange in Autumn.

Prairie dropseed plants are resilient grass for rough growing conditions, making them great for any landscape

These dense tufts gently curve out towards the ground as they mature. This plant should be your choice for a pollinator garden because it attracts pollinating insects with its flowers. This beauty will be an excellent addition to your lawn.

Dropseed is a prairies plant with a sweet aroma that reminds of coriander, licorice, or popcorn. The seeds of the dropseed are used in granola and cakes.
A unique fragrance, distinctive seed head, and perfect tolerance to drought make it’s the only choice for your wildflower meadow.
This prairie dropseed is an excellent option for people looking for a fresh, autumnal scent that is both sensual and playful.

Prairie dropseed is for sale at Tn Nursery at an affordable price with fast shipping

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