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Plants for growing in Tennessee!!! 

The plants offered at the TN Tree Nursery that grows best in the state of Tennessee include several Hibiscus varieties (red, purple, and pink) as well as blue, black, and dewberry plants. The weather in Tennessee is a moderate, temperate climate with hot summer temperatures that are excellent for gardening!!! The average rainfall per year is 53.67 inches, and there is also an average of 3 inches of snowfall. The major cities include Jackson, Knoxville, and Nashville. The nature and consistency of the soil in this state are acidic.


 Examples of plants that grow well in Tennessee include those that thrive amidst various temperature changes. One plant that thrives particularly well is Smooth Sumac, a shrub that can grow to between 3 and 20 feet in height. Under the right conditions, they are perfect as hedges in garden settings; they can also tolerate various levels of soil, pH, and moisture conditions. Smooth Sumac is also drought resistant once the plant is fully developed; it is very leafy and produces clusters of naturally fragrant white flowers. 

 Bluest have small round flowers that are usually blue to purple in color


 Another plant found in the TN Tree Nursery is the Bluet. These tiny blue flowers thrive in Tennessee but are also found throughout North America, in such varied states as Maine, Louisiana, and Florida. They are only about two and a half inches tall and grow in clusters. These tiny wildflowers are easy to garden and maintain; they require only a lightly shaded area, such as a mound and any woodland environment. Their radiant blue blooms produce an excellent ambiance that adds the perfect touch to any novice garden design.


 Tennessee has a variety of climates and elevations, so the flowers and plants that thrive in this state are usually those that can withstand the most comprehensive range of temperature changes. The growing season is also the longest here in the country. Happy gardening and best of luck!!!

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