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Plants For Ohio include our smooth sumac and purple hibiscus


 Ohio is a state surrounded by water on three sides. That made it a perfect location for settlers and explorers to settle and made Ohio vulnerable to flooding. The low-lying areas of the state are susceptible to these floods, which can cause millions in damages when they occur. However, if you prefer to plant your plants outside of your home, here are some plants that will thrive in Ohio’s hilly terrain.


 1)Smooth Sumac


 This is a shrub or small tree that can grow up to 20 feet tall and has leaves that are a bright red color in the summer. The smooth sumac is an invasive species and can be found in the Great Plains area of North America. It likes moist soil but will tolerate dry soil. This plant will produce berries that are edible but aren’t tasty. Ohio is located in the Great Plains and has a warm climate so that the smooth sumac will thrive here.


Plants for Ohio are low maintenance plants

 2)Purple Hibiscus


 This shrub grows up to five feet tall and has large flowers that can be purple. In Ohio, this shrub will grow in the spring and summer, produce edible flowers, and be used in jams. The hibiscus likes to grow in full sunlight and will tolerate dry soil. This shrub has edible berries called hibiscus tea, but they aren’t tasty. The purple hibiscus likes to grow in the lowlands of Ohio and is often a part of the landscape near the rivers or lakes.


 Apart from the Smooth Sumac and Purple Hibiscus, there are a few other common plants in Ohio, such as the Staghorn Sumac. TN Nursery sells these plants and different varieties of shrubs and trees, so if you are looking for a plant to grow in Ohio, check out the selection of plants at TN Nursery.

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