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Water Garden Plants increase the biodiversity of the local ecosystem

Water garden plants are trendy not only because water gardens are aesthetically pleasing, but in addition, water plants increase the biodiversity of the local ecosystem, and such plants help mitigate flood areas. They also tend to prevent a water garden from becoming stale and stagnant as they reduce the number of nutrients that enter your water garden, thus preventing your beautiful water garden from becoming a stinky mess.


 Treenurseryco.com, the nation's largest mail-order nursery, sells a lot of water garden plants that will help you control your environment and boost biodiversity.


 Water garden plants fall into three general categories: submerged plants, floating plants, and emerging plants. The latter refers to plants with their roots being submerged but their foilage rising above the surface.


 From our perspective, most plants that people purchase for water gardens are either a floating or an emerging variety. 


 Generally, those with water gardens want to purchase


 Of the floating variety, far and away, one of the most popular purchases is our water garden plant packages. 

 Water Garden Plants fall into three general categories: submerged plants, floating plants, and emerging plants

 Here you get nine water garden plants, most of them floating, for very little money. 


 Depending upon the size of your water garden, you will generally need at least two of these packages to propagate your water garden. 


 As for your emerging plants, you may want to consider purchasing a Three Square Hedge package, Square Stem Bulrush packages, or soft stem bulrush or Common Spike Rush packages. 


 To have a diverse and pleasing water garden, you generally need both types of plants to provide your water garden with the aesthetics you want and the emerging plants to control the garden from flooding and keep your water reasonably clean.


 Treenurseryco.com has many types of grass and floating plants to make your water garden a true oasis of serenity.

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