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Different Kinds of Drought Tolerant Plants 

Choosing plants for landscaping in dry areas, such as the southwestern United States, can be difficult. Drought-tolerant shrubs, trees, vines, and flowers, on the other hand, may survive and look fantastic even if your location goes without rain for an extended period. These plants will help you save time and money by reducing the water you use in your garden. A few even prefer to thrive in poor soil, which means you won't need to fertilize. Here are some examples of these plants.

Smooth Sumac

Smooth sumac is an excellent choice if you seek versatile and beautiful raw material. This plant has a smooth bark on its juvenile stems, making it one of the few native sumacs. Once developed, it is a woody shrub that grows in arid open areas with rocky or sandy soil and is drought-resistant. It prefers direct sunlight but will grow in partial shade, especially when young. Smooth sumac is considered an easy plant to grow. It produces clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring and fuzzy-winged fruits and seeds later in the summer.

Drought tolerant plants are easy to grow 

Pink Dogwood

The fragrant spring blossoms of the pink dogwood flowering tree are well-known. It is a fast-growing natural tree with pink blooms that attract birds and butterflies even at a young age. In the spring, they are assured to please. When the foliage is beautiful for the rest of the year, wildlife also enjoys the berries, which frequently remain on the tree far into the winter. For cities and towns, they create an excellent shade trees.

Muskogee Crape Myrtle

One of the few trees that bloom dazzling purple flowers is the Muskogee Myrtle. For individuals with small yards, this crape myrtle is a good alternative. It produces beautiful lavender blooms that can last up to four months, which is an unusually extended blooming period. This tree has everything you need in a tree: it's small enough to fit in your yard yet big enough to add variety to the landscape. It blooms lavender wasps for over half. 

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