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Pink Color Plants add a burst of color to any landscape

Pinks are flowers of the genus Dianthus that grow in the Mediterranean region and other temperate climates. These plants produce fragrant blooms that come in various colors, including white, red, pink, and purple. Many pinks belong to trees or shrubs with pointy leaves and stems. Some people cultivate these plants as ornamentals in their gardens.


 Pink flowers are served in wedding bouquets to symbolize happiness, love, innocence, and beauty. The name “pink” comes from the Old English word “pink,” meaning pale red. 


 A species of pink that blooms in winter is the Dogwood or Cornus florida. Dogwood trees grow at 10 meters and feature heart-shaped leaves with jagged edges. They produce white flowers during summertime and dark red berries during fall and winter.

 Pink Color Plants include the cherry and dogwood trees

 The Kwanzan Cherry is a species of pink with pink and white flowers that grow on tree branches during springtime. This tree can grow as high as 4 meters and produce dark red berries that persist into the winter. 


 An ornamental species of pink is the Okame cherry, which gives off small, white flowers during spring. This species also bears pink-to-red berries that grow 1/2 inches in diameter.


 People use these plants as ornamentals both indoors and outdoors. The Dogwood is often planted near doorways to provide a pleasant aroma, while the Kwanzan plant is used as a decorative accent for shade with its pink and white blooms. The Okame is often grown in Japanese-style gardens because of its small stature. 


 Pinks can also be medicinal plants. The Dogwood has been used to treat fevers, and the Kwanzan is believed to ease upset stomachs, while the Okame is used to promote blood circulation. People also use pinks as honey plants, which produce nectar that bees collect and turn into honey.

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