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Less than 10% of flowering plants in the world have blue flowers. There are many varieties to choose from, and they can sing the blues from early spring to late fall. Blue is one of the most beautiful colors in the garden. Many varieties of annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs can bring this gorgeous color into your home.


 Great Blue Lobelia


 A showy perennial with unbranched stems often filled with blue-colored flowers appears in tubular flowers arranged on the upper stem. This flower has 2 to 3 foot-long stems. A native of North America, the Great Blue Lobelia has erect stems usually unbranched. It produces loose-clustered flowers with varying blue, white, and lavender shades. This perennial plant has smooth, straight stems with small leaves in opposite pairs. It has sky-blue flowers that appear in late summer to early fall. The Cardinal Flower is a favorite plant for woodland gardens due to its ability to produce blue flowers in late summer.


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 Nikko Blue Hydrangea 12-18"


 This attractive clump-forming shrub has beautiful green foliage with a bold, mounded form; It produces blue flowers in acidic soils. This clump-forming plant can be used for accent or border use. The Nikko blue hydrangea will thrive in full sun to partial shade and is hardy to zones 4 to 8. It's a showy plant that has a bold, dazzling appearance. It has a great variety of flowers found in early summer to fall. The tiny flowers of this plant are deep blue and may vary in color depending on the soil's pH. They will stay in bloom season after season.


 Hepatica Nobilis


 This plant has a 12-inch growth habit and announces the beginning of spring with its bright blue or lavender flowers. It requires little maintenance. White forms usually accompany the bluish to violet flowers. Although the plant's flower color can vary among different species, the common characteristic of each type is the same. The Hepatica is an excellent choice for shaded and garden areas. It does not require much soil to establish itself.

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