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Trees Over 20 Feet

Boy, that tree is pretty tall

All kinds of trees hold different characteristics and have all types of varieties in the natural habitats where they usually bloom. They even bear various unique fruits that we eat among a surplus of leaves that can commonly be used for holistic medicinal circumstances. These same trees can reach heights far beyond the average shrub. The types of trees that will no doubt make your favorite basketball player feel like nothing more than a small kinder gardener. Trees such as the Mulberry trees that bear both female and male fruits and can, in their mature state, reach up to 40 feet tall and spread out 40 feet wide. Red Maple trees are also known for their towering statures, with them being able to stretch over 100 feet tall and spread out 50 feet wide during the matured stages of their growth. 

Just imagine the shade


Poplar trees are another fast-growing tree that exceeds expectations in the height factor. The tree that houses soft and brittle wood can grow as tall as 40 feet to 100 feet tall. The beautiful fall colored trees known as the Sassafras trees tend to stretch out to about 60 feet tall once they have fully matured, and they even tend to spread out a wide 40 feet as well, bearing a string of delicious fruit that falls off of the branches as soon as they begin ripening away. It's even known to be a pest and disease-resistant tree, allowing its's beautiful leaves and delectable fruits to thrive and grow in peace without any harm caused to them while in their natural state. These trees are all found in different areas of the world, thriving in different climates and providing services to the ecosystems it's birthed into.

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