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Different gardens hold different plants depending on their conditions. Before planting flowers and trees, it is crucial to run a background check on the most suitable plants for your garden. Take your time to study your garden to understand its characteristics. For instance, you should monitor the amount of sunlight and shade in the garden before buying plants for gardening. Sun Plants  Sun plants tolerate a high amount of sunlight, either partially or fully. You can plant such plants in open spaces without trees and other structures that cause shades. Besides, such plants can thrive well in potted conditions as long as they have the right conditions. Examples of these plants include Hummingbird Plant, Marsh Hibiscus, and Aster Plant. Shade Plants  Shade plants tolerate less light and temperatures. Depending on the space you plan to plant your flowers and trees, you should choose the most appropriate plant. Some plants do well in both medium light and shade. Full shade plants never get any light in 24 hours. Partial shade plants never get light for 3 to 4 hours a day. Such plants are suitable in areas between tall trees and objects that partially let light pass through. If you plan to plant your selected plants beneath tall trees, you should consider shade plants. These can do well in areas with little or no light.

 However, if your garden has no tall plants or objects, the best plants to invest in are the sun plants, as they can thrive well in such conditions

Examples of shade plants include Rock Cap Moss, Hepatica Plant, Glade Ostrich Fern, and Christmas Fern. Conclusion  Choosing the wrong plants for your garden can lead to unappealing results. Before selecting your garden plants, ensure you continually update your landscape regarding exposure to sunlight. You can record this at least three times a day. Close monitoring helps in deciding on your plant selection. With these factors in mind, you will adequately organize your plants based on their optimal conditions to realize positive results.

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