Pin Oak Seedlings

  • Pin Oak Seedlings are slow growing deciduous tree.
  • Pin Oak Seedlings does well during transplanting and can grow almost anywhere.
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Bloom Season
Bloom Color
Height At Maturity
Over 20 Feet
November Through April
Planting Zones 4-8
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Shipping Information

We dig fresh our plants and ship immediately. We ship US Mail, Priority shipping. You will receive a tracking number once your plants ship. All plants will be fine in their packages for up to 3 days after receiving.

How We Protect Your Plants For Transit

We sell only bare root plants. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. This is superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days.

Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

Open your plants and inspect the same day received. We offer 3 days to report any problems with your order. Bare root plants need to be planted within 2-3 days of receiving unless weather-related problems prohibit planting. Store in a cool place and keep roots moist and covered with plastic until they can be planted. Water for the first week daily after planting.

Shipping Dates
Ships November through April


Pin Oak Seedlings are hardy, adaptable, fast-growing trees that thrive in many soil conditions and tolerate drought

Our hand-picked seedlings come in a range of sizes, from 2 to 4 feet tall, and are ready to plant immediately.
This species is a large, long-lived tree with a rounded crown and wide-spreading branches. The seedling develops a straight, thick trunk that grows to the peak, giving it a sturdy structure.

This tree consists of beautiful fall colors, and it can grow up to 60 feet tall. This product is known for its dark green leaves and white bark. The leaves turn golden-yellow in autumn. The white flowers have four bent petals, distinguishing features of the species.
Pin Oak Seedlings are the perfect option for planting in a new area or replacing an older tree. These seedlings do well when transplanted and grow in almost every zone. The trees are hardy and will adapt to most weather conditions.
These plants are a great and affordable way to add beautiful trees to your outdoor space. They grow quickly with little care and make beautiful shade trees.

These products are also fast-growing and have minimal to no care requirements, though the first few years of growth will be faster and more complete if fertilized.
This species is perfect for use in your garden. It is prized for its leaves that turn brilliant colors in the fall and decompose quickly, making these leaves great additions to the compost pile. Additionally, these trees require minimal pruning.

This plant is an upright, spreading tree perfect for planting in windy conditions.
Pin Oak Seedlings are the perfect tree for any backyard. Whether it is a new yard or just wanting to change the look of your current one, our carefully selected seedlings will be the perfect fit.


Oak tree seedlings remain a top landscaping choice for home and commercial property owners. Varieties such as the Pin Oak, Willow Oak, and Red Oak, among others, deliver abundant shade and desirable fall foliage that enhances any property.

Selecting the best oak tree seedlings can be something of a challenge for everyday people who do not necessarily work in professional tree nurseries or the landscaping sector. But by understanding the sometimes subtle differences between various oaks, you can make informed decisions. 

What Are Common Denominators Between Oak Tree Seedlings

Oak trees belong to the Beech family but look quite different. Of the 70 different types in North America, the majority fall into the deciduous category. The leaves of deciduous trees typically change color when autumn chills arrive, fall to the ground, them goes dormant until spring. Oak trees also have the following in common.

  • Flowers: Few people realize that oak trees produce spring blooms. The flowers do not present prominently, like ornamentals. Male oak tree seedlings grow a flower almost identical in color to the spring leaves. The female oak’s flowers emerge later in the season and have spikes.
  • Acorns: Although oak tree seedlings produce different leaves, they typically have acorns during the summer. These seeds support rich wildlife.
  • Hardwoods: Varieties such as the Pin Oak and Red Oak remain highly sought after for their hardwood timber. The wood density associated with mature oaks makes them valuable in furniture manufacturing, construction, and woodworking, among others. In terms of landscaping, mighty oaks generally persevere through severe weather incidents.

Landscaping professionals and everyday homeowners also consider oak tree seedlings got-to assets because they deliver significant shade benefits once mature.

Which Oak Tree Seedlings Meet Your Needs

In terms of selecting the best oak tree seedlings for a property, it’s essential to consider space, usages, and goals. When enhancing a landscape, map out the mature radius of an oak and think through the shade implications on gardens, patios, and other elements. Mature oaks also transform properties with enviable foliage during autumn. These are trees worth considering.

  • Pin Oak: This variety matures to upwards of 70 feet and enjoys a spread of 40 feet. Considered fast-growing, the Pin Oak increases its height by more than 2 feet annually. It prefers direct sunlight and well-drained acidic soil.
  • Willow Oak: These attractive trees offer bright green leaves and gorgeous yellow foliage. The Willow Oak matures to 60 feet with a 35-foot spread and grows upwards of 2 feet annually.
  • Red Oak: This stately oak matures to upwards of 70 feet with a 60-foot spread. It also prefers full sunlight, acidic, well-drained soil, and enjoys lush red foliage during autumn.

These reliable trees tend to resist disease, pests and require only modest maintenance and care as they take root. The broad shade radius produced by these fast-growing trees makes them a valuable asset.

Select Your Oak Tree Seedlings at Our TN Nursery

If you are wanting a new landscape design or enhancing an existing one, we stock hardy oak tree seedlings trees to help improve the peaceful enjoyment of your property. Contact our TN nursery about oak tree seedlings today. 

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