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Perennials are a lovely addition to any garden

The painted trillium 

The painted trillium is a North American native plant species found throughout Canada and the United States. Its name comes from its three-pedal flower, which resembles a clover or lily.

 This plant forms clumps of foliage that spread widely over short distances and may reach 6 feet tall. The leaves are 5 to 12 inches long with shiny green upper surfaces and dull grayish ones on the undersides, sometimes white margins. Leaves have two pairs of petioles, each one 3/8ths inch long. They grow in opposite pairs along the stem and alternate around it.

 Spring blooming period

Spring blooms from April through June; the peak flowering time is May to June. Each seedpod contains multiple seeds.


Flowers bloom simultaneously every year, meaning you don't need to wait until next season to start enjoying this beauty

Hedwigia moss comes in different colors, including green and brown But since plants require regular watering and fertilization to stay healthy, you will want to keep an eye out for them during springtime rains. If your soil tends to dry out quickly, consider planting them in a raised bed.

 How to grow

 Plant in spring, from late February to early March. This easy-to-grow perennial has no particular requirements; however, do not let the roots get too wet, or they might rot. Water regularly and give the roots some air by loosening the soil around them before watering. Add composted manure, fertilizer, or mulch to improve the drainage.

 Because the leaves become greener when exposed to strong sunlight, you can allow natural light into your garden bed. However, if you prefer growing the plant indoors, choose a bright spot near an east window.


 Care Tips:

 • Protect the trillium from the hot sun and drying winds.

 • To avoid ants munching on trillium, cover their stems with netting.

 • Cut back spent flowers and remove dead blossoms to encourage new growth.

 • Pick off insects while they're young.

 • Remove any invasive weeds and brush away debris.

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