Paw Paw Tree

  • Paw Paw Tree can be integrated into a landscape and matured to its full potential height of 20-25 feet or deployed as a type of shrub with select pruning.
  • Paw Paw Tree showcases dark green leaves during the warm weather months contrasted by lush burgundy blooms between March and May.
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Height At Maturity
Under 20 Feet
November Through April
Bloom Season
Bloom Color
Planting Zones 5-8
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Shipping Dates
Ships November through April


Paw Paw Tree has been a staple of the U.S's landscape since the early 1700s

Despite its very temperate climate, the fruit is delicious and large and plentiful, even in the harshest winters! From a property owner's perspective, our fruit trees are ideal for maintaining a healthy property while saving on grocery bills.

This tree produces large amounts of such plentiful fruit that it's difficult to pick them all. The fruit is edible and can be eaten fresh or used in baked goods and jams.
The tree has large leaves that range from 12 inches to over 36 inches in length. These trees are high in vitamins and antioxidants when the fruits are eaten from this plant.
With their heavy fruits, unique shapes, and exuberant colors, there is no better way to add a splash of color and health to your garden.
They are a rare and native plant that produces heavy fruit high in vitamin antioxidants and fiber.

Paw paw trees produce rich fruits with a large number of seeds in each fruit

They are effortless to grow because they do not need much water and thrive in various conditions. The fruits are delicious to eat and have a unique flavor, unlike any other fruit. The Paw Paw Tree is a hardy, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow deciduous tree that thrives in a variety of soils with full sun or partial shade. It can be integrated into a landscape and matured to its full potential height of 20-25 feet or deployed as a type of shrub with select pruning. It enjoys a robust root system that calls for significant space to spread.

These trees are solid plants and require a lot of space to spread their roots.
We recommend ensuring ample space for its root system, which calls for significant spacing. Add this item to your cart right away. Don't wait too late!

 Paw Paw trees are for sale at an affordable price and fast shipping at Tn Nursery

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