Ostrich Fern 3 For $17.99

  • Ostrich Fern 3 For $17.99
  • Ostrich Fern 3 For $17.99
  • Ostrich Fern ferns are both crown and colony-forming plants.
  • Ostrich Fern  fern originally received its name based on the appearance of its maturing fronds.
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Ostrich Fern prefers growing in damp, shady areas that receive indirect sunlight like other fern species

The Ostrich Fern (Matteuccia struthiopetris) is native to eastern North America. The fern grows in large, vase-shaped clusters known as crowns. As its name suggests, the fern has showy, sterile fronds that resemble the tail feathers of an ostrich. It has deciduous green fronds that grow vertically up to 65 inches in height and 13.8 inches in breadth. The fronds are dimorphic, with differing male and female fronds. 


 Ostrich fern prefers growing in damp, shady areas that receive indirect sunlight like other fern species. This fern can grow in different soil types, including clay, loam, and sand. The ostrich fern is a common ornamental plant cultivated by people in their gardens. When grown, ostrich ferns first produce sterile shoots known as fiddleheads. The fiddleheads can be cooked as vegetables and are a popular delicacy in the rural parts of northeastern North America. The fronds, which produce fronds, grow a few weeks after fiddleheads and are primarily involved in reproduction. The fronds can grow up to 20 inches in height. 

 Ostrich Ferns are easy to care for and maintain

 While they can grow naturally from spreading spores, acquiring them from a trusted agronomist would be best. Under optimal conditions, ostrich ferns can spread quickly and form new, dense colonies through their underground rhizome roots. This feature, coupled with their showy nature, enables the ostrich fern to create lovely views wherever it grows. It is one of the largest fern species growing in the world.


 Ostrich ferns are easy to care for and maintain. Its maintenance is primarily cosmetic and usually involves clearing debris from the plant during its dormant phase. A little fertilizer and frequent watering will go a long way in making the ferns healthy. Another thing that makes the ostrich fern a low-maintenance plant is its deer and rabbit resistance. The ostrich fern is suitable for shady gardens and can do better as a household plant.

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