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All Moss is low-maintenance and beautiful alternative to the grass lawn

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1. Carpet Moss

2. Cushion Moss

3. Fern Moss

4. Sheet Moss

5. Hedwigia Moss

Moss has become an increasingly low-maintenance and beautiful alternative to the grass lawn. Moss can be grown in shady areas where conventional grasses may not grow. 


 Hilly areas are a great place to plant Lawn Moss since Lawn Moss does NOT need mowing. In addition, it does not need irrigation to survive. Once established, it will remain green when conditions are moist. During dry times the moss goes dormant and will green up again when it rains. 


 Fern Moss thrives in shady and rocky areas. This moss does well in the shadier areas of your garden. Fern Moss looks like a tiny fern and stays under three or four inches high. Landscapers like to use this moss in between stones on a walkway. It is also quite commonly used in terrariums. 


 Moss is thick, lush, and velvety

It varies in color from yellowish-green to dark green. Mood moss has a shallow root system and can often grow directly on rocks. This moss does not need constant moisture and prefers bright, indirect sun. Stones covered in Mood Moss make a lovely table centerpiece.


 Pin Cushion Moss is easy to identify as it resembles its' namesake. This moss can grow up to four inches tall. This moss tends to be dark green with a silvery hue. Shady, moisture-rich areas are what it prefers. Soil quality is not essential as it does not absorb nutrients from the ground. 


 Reindeer Moss varies in color from gray to yellowish-green. It grows to about three inches in height and is an excellent covering for plant beds. It is shallow in dust and can go for long without water. Reindeer Moss prefers shady and well-drained soil. Their soft, willowy branches beautify any garden.


 Moss gardens solve the problem of yellow and overgrown lawns. They are eco-friendly; They are low-maintenance and durable. Most of all, they are beautiful!

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