Milkweed Plant 3 For $12.99

  • Milkweed Plant 3 For $12.99
  • Milkweed is a tall fragrant plant that is commonly found in wetlands, along rivers, in marshes, and other low-lying areas.
  • Milkweed is native to marshy, wet areas.
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Milkweed Plant Description 

Milkweed plants belong in the family Asclepiadaceae and are commonly known for their milky secretion. They are beautiful garden plants that will attract many pollinating insects for other plants in your garden. 

 Monarch butterflies are the insects attracted mainly by this plant as their larvae solely depend on the milky sup for food. Not only does it help them survive, but it also makes them distasteful to predators in subsequent life stages. 

 Physical Description

 Milkweed plants grow to between two and four feet tall when fully mature. Their flowers usually grow on short stalks, and they have five united petals, usually bent backward. They also have a corona with five hoods.

 The color, size, and shape of the flowers help distinguish between different Milkweed plant species, and it varies from pink, white, orange, purple, yellow, and red. The flowers usually blossom in petals, and they have the male and female parts on the same structure. They also usually develop pod-like fruits and tufted seeds. 

 Major Species

 There are currently over 76 milkweed plants species native to the United States and Canada. However, some have precise growing requirements, which you should consider when buying one for your home. The most common species for homes are common milkweed, swamp milkweed, and butterfly milkweed. 


 milkweed usually has white to pink or lavender bell-like flowers and grows to about three to five feet tall


Common milkweed grows best in moist soil and requires a lot of sun exposure. Its leaves are thick and broad, around 10-20 cm tall, arranged on the stem in opposite pairs. 

 As the name suggests, Swamp milkweed grows best in marshes, making it a perfect choice to plant at a wet spot in your garden. It has rose-pink flowers and grows above three feet tall. Its leaves are tapered and narrow, about 4-17 cm long. 

 Butterfly milkweed grows to about 2 feet tall and requires well-drained soils and total sunlight exposure. It has bright orange-yellow flowers shaped as umbels. 

 Its leaves are lance shapes, about 5-10 cm long, with a downy bottom and smooth top. They are arranged on the stem alternate to each other. Unlike other milkweed plants, this one does not produce milky sap.

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