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Maple Trees can be planted in almost any soil

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Maple Trees

1. Silver Maple

2. Autumn Blaze Red Maple

3. Sugar Maple

4. Scarlet Red Maple

5. Red Maple


Maple trees are one of nature's most beautiful trees. They have beautiful leaves that bloom in the fall, showing different red, yellow, and orange shades. These vibrant colors add the perfect touch to the landscape, giving it just needed curb appeal. You can plant maple trees by themselves or groves, giving the landscape an excellent feature. You can also plant them in almost any soil. Since they can tolerate any soil, they are ideal for narrow areas. These trees are known for growing fast and blooming multiple shades with their unique leaves in the fall. Maple trees are known for being cost-efficient and super easy to grow. 

 Maple Trees are known for its colossal tier canopy providing bountiful shade and thick bark

 There are a variety of maple trees that you can use for sprucing up your yard or providing summer shade. Commonly, maple trees are mistaken for being the same, but many different types. These maple trees include scarlet red maple, autumn blaze maple, silver maple tree, sugar maple tree, maple-leaf viburnum, silver maple seedlings, red maple tree, and red maple tree seedlings. Maple trees have over 140 different types and can grow up to 30-60 feet tall. These trees are the most popular trees that are wanted for adding beautiful detail to landscapes. 


 Whether to give the landscape a special touch, have a beautiful scene in your yard, or be a perfect spot for a picnic, maple trees are the perfect addition. These trees are great for those wanting to plant on a tight budget. Maple trees are known for their colors, but they are also known for colossal tier canopy providing bountiful shade and thick bark, which helps them stay safe from pests and diseases. Their thick bark also protects them in different environments that experience strong winds, humid summers, and harsh winters.

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