• Leatherwood Fern doesn't have serious problems with pests or diseases, and as it is an evergreen, it provides winter interest in a garden.
  • Leatherwood Fern found in moist, shady woods near rock formations, which makes it a good choice for a rock garden.
  • Leatherwood Fern has 15 to 20 inch long fronds with deeply cut, glaucous green leaves that taper to a point.
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Bloom Color
Bloom Season
Year Round
Height At Maturity
Under 3 Feet
Planting Zones 3-8
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Leatherwood Fern is a stunning and low-maintenance native fern, with leathery leaves, blue-green fronds, and a vase-like shape

With its arching, vase-like form and growing in some of the most diverse forest types, this plant is a wonder to behold. This gorgeous and classic native fern is an easy-to-grow evergreen fern. This fern is the perfect look for a modern statement piece in your home.

The blades are sharp and lance-shaped, with a leathery texture that helps it stay hydrated and endure drought. They're different from other species of ferns, which makes them unique!
Are you looking for a unique houseplant that is easy to maintain? Then look no further than leatherwood fern. This drought-resistant, lance-shaped, leathery fern is different from other species of ferns, making it ideal for enclosed spaces. This plant loves full sun but can also be grown in optimal shade to adjust its light levels. Full sun means an hour or three of direct sunlight per day!
This fern is a subtropical houseplant that can thrive in full sun or partial shade. They are hardy, drought-resistant, and grown in an average home or office environment.

Leatherwood fern is any herbaceous, flowering plant of the family Osmundaceae, a member of the order Osmundales

About 80% of the 300-500 species of ferns are monocotyledonous and grow as ferns or filmy ferns. Monocotyledonous ferns are also known as osmunda ferns. Unusual and beautiful, this fern is perfect for adding a green accent to your garden or indoor tabletop.

Our fern is popular for its ornamental appearance in the winter and the unique color it turns into when mature. Just be sure to place it near your winter garden and make sure you have enough room for its size!
The plant features a symmetrical, arching shape and turns bluish-green when mature. With light snowfall on its arching symmetry, the fern is a beautiful addition to any garden.

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