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  • Largeleaf Phlox is a taller phlox that is a hardy perennial.
  • Largeleaf Phlox's color depends on soil balance.
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Largeleaf phlox, also known as great lobelia or simply lobelia, is a perennial, deciduous herb that grows to an average height of six to twelve inches (15.2 - 30.5 cm)

It has long linear leaves on opposite sides of the stalk with similarly sized and opposite leaves. The leaf margins may have teeth with soft ribs or no ribs. Below we will describe the flowers, leaves, and their life cycle.


 Largeleaf Phlox has small 5-8mm long tube-shaped white flowers that grow in clusters of four to seven at terminal ends of stems. The flowers open from late spring to early summer, with the peak period occurring in July. The flower color is white, with a blue spot on each petal. The anthers are yellow, and the filaments are also yellow.


 The leaves of the giant leaf phlox are linear, 15 to 25cm long, 2cm wide, and most comprehensive at the middle. The leaves are opposite and appear in whorls of four to six. The leaf margins may have teeth with soft ribs or no ribs. The leaves are glabrous with entire margins. Largeleaf Phlox produces white flowers and is often grown as ornamental for its attractive foliage.

 Life Cycle

 Largeleaf phlox is a divided herb. Therefore, it has a life cycle with three stages: the male or staminate flower stage, the female or pistillate flower stage, and the basal rosette. The male inflorescence is taller than the female, while they are both erect. The male flowers are on short stalks, 2 to 4mm in length, while the main stem of the female is usually between 10 and 15mm in len


Largeleaf phlox has a close botanical relationship with lobelia as they are both in the same family

 It is closely related to red and white phlox, also in the Phlox family. The name of the genus comes from the Greek language, meaning large leaves. The flower colors vary depending on the variety and have yellow anthers and filaments.


We hope you learn about Largeleaf Phlox and its flowers, leaves, and life cycle. You may visit us or our website to acquire Largeleaf Phlox and other plants on our site.

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