Large Ferns

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Large Ferns include but are not limited to the ostrich fern

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1. Ostrich Fern

2. Glade Fern

3. Christmas Fern

4. Leatherwood Fern

5. Bracken Fern


The Ostrich Fern 

Ostrich fern is a beautiful plant that grows well in shady areas. It has long, narrow leaves that look like feathers and are often mistaken for ostrich fern or bird’s nest fern. The name comes from its resemblance to the nests of ostriches.


 Ostrich fern is a common houseplant that thrives in full sun and moist conditions. The bright green, heart-shaped leaves appear as clusters at the top of the stems, forming large clumps. You can keep it annually with regular repotting to avoid root rot when growing indoors. The best way to grow this plant indoors is to place it in a large pot so you have room for it to branch out. 


 You can easily propagate them by taking cuttings when they are dormant during summer. They do not need soil but prefer light shade and dampness. Fertilize it once in two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. Also, apply liquid seaweed extract to keep its roots healthy.

Large Ferns of all types are beautiful plants for your garden, but some unique ferns do not require a lot of sun to grow


 Do not let your fern dry out completely, as this will cause wilting. When watering, check their leaves first to prevent overwetting. Try leaving some plants outside on the porch for drying purposes. 


 Growing Tips:

 1. Water deeply twice a week with half-strength fertilizer. That helps them to recover after each watering session.

 2. Keep the room humid by misting regularly.

 3. Place your fern somewhere with no direct sunlight, such as a window sill or under an artificial light source. If you live in a hot climate, it will be wise to place it close to air conditioners or fans.

 4. Use a good quality potting mix that contains plenty of peat. Avoid using coconut fiber because these materials absorb more moisture than peat does.

 5. After planting, gently press down on the pots so that new roots come out. Allow them to spread slowly until they cover all of the surfaces of the pot. Then give the plants lots of space, allowing about 1inch between each of them. Do not disturb the roots again until springtime, when the plants grow better.

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