Hay Scented Fern 5 For $14.99

  • Hay Scented Fern 5 For $14.99
  • Hay-scented fern is a species of fern native to eastern North America.
  • Hay Scented Fern  plant appears greener during the spring and summer and turns yellowish during the autumn.
  • Hay Scented Fern 5 For $14.99
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Bloom Season
Bloom Color
Height At Maturity
Under 3 Feet
Year Round
Planting Zones 3-8
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Hay Scented Fern, Dennstaedtia punctiloba, a deciduous fern, has the aroma of freshly cut hay when crushed


 Up to two feet (60 cm), tall may extend to three or four feet (0.9–1.2 m) broad. The rhizomes of this fern, which are underground stems, are responsible for the fern's singular growth. The leaves of the hay-scented fern become a delicate yellow in the autumn. Invasiveness is a plus for ground cover, but the hardiness of this fern means you shouldn't plant it alongside more delicate plants. These ferns form dense clumps and are known to keep deer away. From Newfoundland to Alabama, hay-scented ferns may be found, although the eastern states of North America have the greatest concentration. 

 USDA climatic zones 3-8 are home to hay-scented ferns. Forest floors are carpeted with a lush green carpet of moss and ferns. Meadows, farms, and cliffs are other typical habitats for these plants. How to Grow a Hay-scented Fern in Your Garden Hay-scented ferns are very simple to grow since they are resilient and quickly establish them in the garden. A well-drained region is ideal for these ferns. Add some compost to your soil if it's lacking in nutrients. If you want to keep the ferns from interfering with one other, you should plant them approximately 18 inches (45 centimeters) apart. 

 Slightly acidic soil is ideal for these ferns, which thrive in partial shade. They will not seem as lush and vibrant when grown in a whole light. Ferns in a Haystack The hay-scented fern are challenging to control once it has taken root and begun to spread. Pulling off part of the spring growth will curb the spread of these stubborn plants if your garden needs it. Taking care of a hay-scented fern doesn't take a lot of time or energy. You may use fish emulsion fertilizer to restore the color of your ferns if they begin to fade. It has been reported that these ferns may last for a decade. 

  Hay-Scented Ferns has many uses

 Wildlife Significance of Hay-scented Ferns 

 The Hay-scented Fern's environmental significance to animals seems to be pretty poor. Like other ferns, the Hay-scented Fern does not constitute a significant food source; however, a few insects allegedly feed on the spore-bearing fronds.

 You may use them as a border edging ground cover and naturalize your landscape with them.

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