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Vines cling to surfaces with searching tendrils or twining stems

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1. Periwinkle Vine

2. Partridge berry

3. Wisteria

4. English Ivy

5. Ajuga

Vines are plants found in several places around the United States. They are ground vines that cling to surfaces with searching tendrils or twining stems. Vines generally grow towards the sunlight. Some species climb trees or other hosts to reach the light, while others may find a sunny rock surface sufficient for their needs. Here are some of the vines:


Bishop weed is an annual vine covered by tiny off-white hairs when in bloom. That makes it look silvery or fuzzy, and its stems are long and lean. Bishop weed grows in dry, sunny meadows in the western part of the United States. Gardening enthusiasts like this vine because it is high-growing and provides shade to other plants.


Spotted wintergreen is a perennial herb, sometimes considered a weed. It has pink or white flowers in the spring and leaves with three small sprigs coming off of them: green on the top and silver underneath. The upper leaf surface has tiny hairs, while the undersides are very smooth. This vine can grow in almost all soil types and grow in full to partial sunlight.

 Vines are great for trellis and fences

Dewberry is a prickly vine that grows well in or near water. The leaves of dewberry plants are usually 3-5 lobed, with bristles coming off the smooth upper surface. The leaf lobes have bristles on them as well, and the stem is prickly as well. In late spring to early summer, white flowers are produced with a fruit that ripens from green to black as it matures. When fully grown, the plant has long runners that will root above ground to create new plants or root underground to take hold of a new area.


The creeping plant is a perennial, growing shallow to the ground. The leaves are a light green color, and they grow in pairs off of short stems. The flowers bloom in early spring and have five petals. These plants also will produce little red berries that attract birds. It is sometimes called "creeping phlox."


Wintercreeper is an evergreen, trailing vine that you can find all over the United States. Its leaves are bright green and leathery, and they grow in pairs off of stems. This plant produces stalked flowers that look like little bells held on top of slightly bent stalks. Wintercreeper can be invasive, but it is usually controlled by pulling out the plant or killing the seeds before they mature and scatter into different locations.

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