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  • Geranium 2 For $9.99
  • Geranium  is a herbaceous perennial that is native to Northeastern North America.
  • Geranium is a herbaceous perennial that is native to Northeastern North America.
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Planting Zones 3-8
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Geranium Plant grows under sun exposure and blooms during summer and spring

All About the Geranium Plant:

 Geranium is a house plant whose botanical name is Pelargonium spp. However, it grows under sun exposure and blooms during summer and spring. It has several flower colors. They include purple, red, white, pink, and multicolor.


Planting and caring for Geraniums:

 Gardeners love the geraniums plant as they are easy to grow and have a lovely scent. They are annual flowers. But, during the warmer months, they can be kept outdoors in plenty of sunshine. Place them indoors during early fall or late summer if they are houseplants. That is when the temperatures begin to dip below 13°C. If you want to grow geraniums, go for healthy leaves without discoloration.


 When planting geraniums, use a well-draining potting mixture as it does not do well in soggy and compacted soil.

 Geranium Plants grow in well-draining soil

Ways to care for Geraniums:

 -Let the soil dry between watering before hydrating well.

 -Water the plant more miniature during winter as the geraniums do well when given a dormant period.

 -Learn to pinch the stems if you want to encourage bushiness.

 -Ensure you apply fertilizer every two weeks, especially during the active growing months. Avoid applying fertilizer in winter as the plant should be dormant.


Problems Associated with Geraniums:

 Common problems often witnessed can be under watering or low light. The leaves turn yellow if you hydrate too much or too little. In such a case, try to even the watering or shift the geraniums to a bright place.


Facts about Geraniums:

1. Use geranium leaves are in the kitchen:

 The geranium leaves are edible, and you can use them for culinary purposes. Add the leaves to iced drinks and jelly for additional flavor. Additionally, you can place them in potpourri and sachets when they dry. They are also for flavoring pastries, sugar, lemonade, and salads.

2. Geraniums are drought-resistant:

 These plants thrive in sunny climates and require regular watering if you plant them in a well-draining pot.

3. Geraniums are drought-tolerant:

 These plants love bright sunny climates and moderate to regular watering, as long as they grow in well-draining soil. Moreover, they are relatively low-maintenance plants and are an excellent choice for container gardening.

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