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Full Shade Plants available on our online nursery

The Tree Nursery Company has several options available for those seeking Full Shade Plants for their gardens and landscaping. If you are looking for a flowering plant that does well in the full shade, there are several options in the Trillium family, including red, pink, yellow, Prairie, Sweet Betsy, Soloman's Seal, and Painted. The Painted Trillium, in particular, gives off a flower reminiscent in appearance to a tiger lily. 

 Are you looking for more colorful blooms? The following do well in the full shade: Indian Pink Plant, Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, Celandine Poppy, Creeping Buttercup, Periwinkle, Bluet, and Virginia Bluebells. Classics like Lily of the Valley and Jack in the Pulpit also thrive in full shade and are available.

 Black Raspberries are known to do well in full shade and are available at the Tree Nursery Company. If your garden needs something for the edges or as a suitable structure to delineate spaces, check out our shrubs. Black Chokeberry and Wild Hydrangea shrubs are known to do well in full shade. The Tree Nursery has options like River Birch Live Stakes or the Paw Paw Tree for something bigger. 

 Fern lovers have a vast list of ferns that work well in the shade, including Sensitive, Leatherwood, Walking, Lady, Bracken, New York, Christmas, and Narrow Leaf Glade. 

Some plants are better suited for shade than others


 Many varieties of moss thrive in the shade for coverage in the full shade, like Mood, Lawn moss, Reindeer, mixed, Fan Clubmoss, Shade, Fern, Peat, and Sphagnum Carpet, Topiary, Tree Apron, Rock Cap, Pin Cushion, and Sheet moss. 

 Often, it is considered tricky to find plants that do well in full shade, but The Tree Nursery Company has all of your planting needs covered, especially if you are looking to plant in a covered area.

Full Shade Plants are For Sale online with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

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