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Fruit & Berry plants attract lovely birds who feed off the berries

Both fruit and berry bushes are very common from, the nation's largest and most respected mail-order nurseries in the country. 


 In particular, berry bushes such as blackberry bushes and shrubs and dewberry plants are very popular for homeowners. These plants can live and thrive for well over 15 years, provide delicious food for breakfast, canning, or our personal favorites, freezing and then unthawing in the winter to pour over homemade ice cream.


 But in addition, blackberry and dewberry bushes attract lovely birds, who not only feed off the berries but find the thick bushes ideal for nesting, as the thick brush protects them from predators such as cats, foxes, and the like. 


 Berry bushes are an ideal location for birds to live because they are not only protective but not high up in a tree, making berry bushes easy to come and go compared to nesting in a higher perch. 

 Fruit & Berry plants mostly grow best if you live in zones 5 through 9

 And growing blackberries and dewberries is a snap. Be sure to pick an area where they will get plenty of suns. Otherwise, you will limit your berry output. Let them grow on trestles to get established and water them.


 Once fully established, there is almost no care required other than providing water.


 You might consider planting lowbush blueberries, also famous for birds, as an alternative.


 However, if blackberries, dewberries, and blueberries are not your thing, many homeowners prefer planting fruit trees. sells many fruit tree plants such as fruiting pear trees, fruiting apricot trees, fruiting plum trees, and fruiting apricot trees. 


 The primary consideration here is the zone, as most of these trees grow best if you live in zones 5 through 9. 


 These fruit trees do have thirsty roots, though, so be sure and plant them at least 10 feet apart if you decide you want more than one for your backyard. 

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